ActiveLife Scientific
Davis Brimer, Founder & CEO

ActiveLife Scientific is transforming the way musculoskeletal injuries and diseases are diagnosed and treated. The Company is initially developing the OsteoProbe®, a novel test of bone material strength that meets a significant need for more than 320 million people worldwide with currently undetectable bone fragility. Today, bone health is evaluated using DEXA x-ray scanners which can only detect calcium bone density. Experts recently discovered that low calcium bone density can identify only 20% of the people at risk of fragility fracture (80 of the 400 million people at risk). Regardless of DEXA’s limitations, it has created a comparably large market expected to reach $909 million by 2019. ActiveLife is creating an even larger market by meeting a significant need that DEXA systems cannot address for bone health management and peri-operative decision making. The same OsteoProbe® device also provides previously unavailable information about the strength of a horse’s bones – enabling more immediate revenue generating market opportunity. ActiveLife is seeking investors to participate in a $1.75 million convertible note bridge fund to convert at a discount into an up to $20 million Series