Here is what attendees and presenters are saying about the MNVC…


“MNVC is a fantastic event with a compact format of informational sessions and networking opportunities.  In addition to providing insights on recent developments in the orthopedics industry, it also provides a great opportunity to network with industry executives and just see old friends still active in medical devices.  I look forward to attending MNVC every year.”
J. Andrew Lowes | haynesboone


“As regulatory consultants, it’s important for us to be up to date on novel technologies emerging in the musculoskeletal device industry, and MNVC is a great resource. The panel discussions provide insight on how current issues are pressing small and large companies.  Catching up with past colleagues and networking with new contacts is a pleasant highlight in between sessions.”
– Kim Strohkirch | Memphis Regulatory Consulting


“Year after year I find the MNVC is the one meeting where I can focus on networking with industry executives and peer CEOs. The impact this has had on me personally as well as our business has been significant.  I look forward to returning to Memphis.”
– Jim Bullock | Zyga


“MNVC is a great venue for entrepreneurs to gain exposure, connections, and industry knowledge.  We are always able to pack our schedule with meetings and the connections we have made have proven to be very valuable.  We go every year, even when we are not fundraising.  I believe MNVC is a “must do” for entrepreneurs in musculoskeletal startups.”
– Paul Gunnoe | Ortho Kinematics


“The MNVC is an important event for orthopedic business development executives and has been for many years.  It provides a great opportunity for updates on progress and relationships in the start-up community.  We get to meet with entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and technology transfer experts all in one place.”
David Evans | Smith + Nephew


“Medtronic has been a sponsor every year since the MNVC began 13 years ago. In fact, we increased our sponsorship level last year. No other annual event allows our Medtronic team to see so many new and emerging start-ups in just a day and half. And its all right here in Memphis..”
– Chris Lyons, Director, Global Business Development Medtronic Spine & Biologics


“We consider MNVC a keystone annual event for emerging technology in the musculoskeletal space. We are honored to participate.”
– Flagg Flanagan, CEO, DiscGenics


“My decision to attend MVNC each year is based upon the exceptional concentration of Investors, Large and Small Corporate Strategics, and fellow business leaders in one manageable setting.  Gary and Mike do an excellent job creating an environment that is conducive to meaningful interactions with the industry’s most important decision makers.”
– Cary P. Hagan, President and CEO, Intrinsic Therapeutics