Saif Khalil, PhD, Founder & CEO

Aevumed is a medical device start-up based in the Philadelphia area that is advancing the quality of life in patients with tendon tears. Aevumed’s exceptional R&D process stands out in the industry attracting the best minds in the sports medicine and orthopedic world. The venture is currently selling the biomechanically superior PHANTOM® suture anchor, and is developing the PHANTOM®-L and PHANTOM®-X for repairing rotator cuff tears using its unique proprietary disruptive technologies to tackle the 20% – 90% retear rate seen in rotator cuff surgeries today. For the first time, the PHANTOM®-L allows suture tension adjustment intraoperatively while preventing suture cutting into bone for maximizing healing. In addition, the PHANTOM®-X is an advanced 3D printed collagen scaffold with enhanced biologic and delivery capabilities for repairing the cuff introducing a new paradigm in the field. Furthermore, Aevumed is also introducing the SHADOW™, a stealth implant system for repairing labral tears efficiently giving surgeons flexibility and reliability to best suit patient pathology. For other sports medicine tendon/bone repairs, Aevumed is introducing novel capabilities and ease-of-use with the SWIFT™ button and MIRAGE™ screw are under development.