AMB Surgical II
Dan Sands, CEO, Director

AMB Surgical is devoted to the development and commercialization of its FLYTE™ smart automated growing rod technology which holds promise to reduce anxiety and trauma from juvenile and adolescent surgeries. The invasive nature of surgery is, in itself, a difficult reality and one that impedes an individual’s ability to comfortably enjoy life.  AMB Surgical’s groundbreaking, patented technology is intended to reduce the necessity for invasive and repetitive surgery in children and teens with orthopedic deformities such as scoliosis and limb abnormalities.  FLYTE is a sophisticated electro-mechanical, software activated device to provide real-time biomechanical feedback to guide treatment, as well as, allow surgeons to perform accurate, non-surgical skeletal adjustments. Through our work, AMB Surgical is advancing the boundaries of modern medicinal practices.