Nissan Elimelech, Founder and CEO

Augmedics develops and markets the xvision®: The Next Generation of Surgical navigation system, which allows surgeons to see the patient’s anatomy and navigate instruments and implants into the patient’s body through skin and tissue, as if they had “X-Ray Vision”. The xvision® system comprises a transparent near-eye-display headset that projects the patient’s imaging data (CT / MRI scans) directly onto the surgeon’s retina, and a built-in IR tracker to accurately navigate surgical instruments and implants. With xvision®, surgeons can view the navigation data in 3D and stereo, while looking straight at their patients without averting their eyes to a remote screen, which may lead to safer, easier and better outcome surgeries. Xvision’s® first application is for minimally invasive and open spine surgeries; however, more applications will be introduced soon for neurosurgery, ENT, joints and other orthopedic surgeries.