Benvenue Medical, Inc.
Rick Simmons, VP Sales & Marketing

Benvenue Medical, Inc., is a development stage company setting a new standard with Luna 3D Expandable Implant as the least invasive lumbar spinal fusion implant which is uniquely positioned for the emerging ambulatory surgery setting.  The company develops minimally invasive systems for spinal fusion that combines expandable implants with advanced materials, including PEEK, Nitinol and Titanium. The Luna 3D and Orbit System employs a novel, atraumatic delivery and discectomy prep instruments to improve efficiency and workflow in the operating room, while addressing a large unmet need for reproducible soft tissue removal, controlled large footprint implant delivery, sagittal alignment and high-volume graft delivery. The company is privately held and funded by CRG.  Its first products are designed for the least invasive treatment of degenerative disc disease, in the OR theater and or the ambulatory setting.