Bio2 Technologies, Inc.
Adam R Wallen, President & CEO

Bio2 Technologies, Inc. is a privately held early stage medical device company with a breakthrough patented platform technology, Cross-Linked Microstructure (CLM™), that provides highly porous (>65%), load bearing orthopedic implants in both surface active (metal, ceramic) and resorbable materials. The unique CLM materials have demonstrated superior tissue ingrowth in pre-clinical models. The surface active material has undergone significant mechanical characterization as both a standalone device and testing is underway to validate the material as a porous coating. The resorbable material is based on a bioactive non-crystalline calcium-magnesium silicate fibrous structure that exhibits load bearing to load sharing characteristics as it safely and predictably resorbs. Bio2’s CLM provides performance benefits of faster tissue ingrowth through biomimetic pore structure and modulus matching as well as a low cost manufacturing process.