Bradford Siff, Founder & President

BioWave is a digital pain therapeutics company that manufactures and sells advanced neurostimulation devices that deliver immediate, deep and long-lasting relief of severe pain. The company’s patented, high-frequency signal technology is incorporated into its entire family of FDA cleared neurostimulation devices and accessories. Patented accessory technology includes sterile single-use percutaneous electrode arrays and BioWraps, a line of wearable electrode compression garments that can treat up to 5X the volume of tissue as compared to conventional electrodes. The company is generating revenue in excess of $10M in a rapid commercial ramp, with broad customer adoption by over 100 professional sports teams, 150+ college sports programs, 190+ VA Hospitals and Clinics nationally, as well as by leading pain, orthopedic and Workers’ Comp clinics. The company has also developed substantial digital heath and digital therapeutics intellectual property around data collection through its devices that is used to facilitate growth of its core business and the development of a digital pain therapeutics platform that will enable change in user behavior that results in improved outcomes. The company is also in active discussions regarding digital pain therapeutic partnerships.

BioWave’s smarter pain blocking technology is available under Federal Supply Schedule contract number V797D-70205. More information about the company’s products and solutions can be found at

BioWave is raising a Preferred Equity financing of up to $20M to accelerate its growth and leadership in digital pain therapeutics, which is a large opportunity given the crisis with opioids.