Craig Fortier, President, CEO

Bone-Rad Therapeutics, has developed a proprietary Brachytherapy Bone Cement for the treatment of bone tumors.  Bone-Rad’s first product, Spine-Rad, will simplify the treatment paradigm for cancer tumors of the vertebrae.

The current treatment for vertebral tumors is a two-step process starting with vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty to strengthen the bone, followed by 10-20 visits for external beam radiation therapy (EBRT) to kill the tumor.

Spine-Rad Cement, which incorporates a radionuclide, is injected into the vertebral body in a standard kyphoplasty procedure and delivers a therapeutic radiation dose to the tumor while simultaneously strengthening the vertebral body.  Spine-Rad will eliminate the 10-20 hospital visits typically needed for EBRT, making the treatment of vertebral tumors less expensive, while dramatically reducing the unpleasant side effects associated with EBRT and greatly improving patient care and quality of life.