Caira Surgical
Jon Greewald, CEO

Caira® Surgical is pioneering the development of novel Radar Surgical Tracking and innovative fast anatomic landmark registration technologies to revolutionize usability, economics, and access to advanced surgical navigation and robotics for orthopedic surgery. The company’s first product is Radar Surgical Navigation™ for Total Knee Replacement. Caira’s proprietary sub-millimeter-accurate Radar Surgical Tracking features “pinless” Radar Beacons™ that fit within the primary incision and our small-footprint Radar Constellation™ to eliminate line-of-sight interference, bone pins, and additional incisions required with incumbent surgical tracking systems. Our technology enables a simple workflow and significantly reduces operative time, complexity, and cost. We develop solutions that improve patient outcomes and eliminate adoption barriers to expand access to cutting-edge technology for patients and healthcare providers.