Calosyn Pharma
Stephen Snowdy, Ph.D., President & CEO

Calosyn Pharma, Inc. is a private biopharmaceutical company developing intra-articular therapeutics for osteoarthritis (OA). Calosyn has demonstrated in vitro and in animals that blockade of calcium signaling stops the release of matrix metalloproteinase, an inflammatory mediator responsible for degradation of cartilage and OA progression.  Also, in a placebo controlled, double-blinded multi-center study under IRB, Calosyn demonstrated that intra-articular administration of calcium channel blockers is safe and improves function and pain symptoms in osteoarthritic patients. Key attributes of Calosyn’s technology:

Calosyn has opened an investigational new drug application with the FDA, and is currently enrolling a Phase IIA clinical trial in the US for the treatment of knee OA.  Future applications of the Calosyn technology include OA in other synovial joints such as the facet, hip, and shoulder joints.