Cayenne Medical
Jim Hart, President, CEO & Chairman of the Board

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Cayenne Medical is a privately held medical device company defining new technology for the soft tissue reconstruction segment of the sports medicine market. The company was founded in 2005 and is focused on leading the transformation of traditional ACL repair procedures by applying advanced technology through minimally invasive techniques. Cayenne’s mission is to become the leader in the soft tissue reconstruction and repair segment of the orthopedic sports medicine market by expanding the range of treatments that drive medical advancements.

Cayenne has developed a revolutionary platform technology that answers all current unmet needs in soft tissue ACL reconstruction. The AperFix® System represents a quantum leap over competitive approaches in the knee market. AperFix facilitates unparalleled anatomic reconstruction via a simplified single tunnel, double bundle technique. It is a highly effective solution for ACL reconstruction that will enable widespread, rapid adoption of the procedure among orthopedic surgeons.

Expansion of Cayenne’s core technology beliefs lead to the development of the iFix™ Interference Screw System for bone-patellar tendon-bone reconstructions. Once again unmet needs have been answered for this ACL reconstruction technique, combining strength of repair and biocompatibility with ease of use and reduced surgical time.

The latest innovative product from Cayenne, commercially launched in the summer of 2009, is the CrossFix™ Meniscal Repair System. CrossFix addresses meniscal pathology with the first ever all-suture, all-inside dual needle fixation system. This unique device saves time due to its single insertion technique delivering an instantaneous mattress stitch and pre-tied sliding/locking knot, while at the same time providing superior biomechanical pullout strength similar to inside-out suturing techniques.

As the company moves forward with additional product offerings three distinct advantages will continue to be its core:

· Fast – Technique that allow surgeons to focus on the repair

· Strong – Exceptional fixation with reliable results

· Complete – Versatility that provides answers to unmet needs while improving patient outcomes

The combination of a focused marketing approach, innovative technology and a strong management team will allow Cayenne Medical to emerge as the leader in the knee segment of the sports medicine market.