Compression Kinetics
John Pamplin, Co-founder & Lead Engineer

Compression Kinetics helps people feel better and heal better.

Serving a triple market opportunity in fitness, wellness, and medical, CK created the world’s first truly mobile active compression wrap. It increases blood circulation by producing a massage-like active compression motion, utilizing patent-protected compression platform technology.

The product is designed to reduce clotting risk in hospitals and home care following surgery, to reduce swelling and prevent clotting on plane flights, reduce swelling in pregnant mothers, to speed recovery after athletic workouts, and to solve poor circulation in the aging and in sedentary workers.

Hospitals & professional athletes use an older pneumatic/airbag technology in products that are noisy, uncomfortable, bulky, and tethered to their bed or the wall. In contrast, Compression Kinetics products are silent, portable, comfortable and beautiful.