CrossRoads Extremity Systems
Vernon Hartdegen, President & CEO

CrossRoads Extremity Systems® was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Memphis, TN.  CrossRoads continues to evolve the orthopedic foot and ankle fixation market with proprietary products, innovative techniques and advanced services.  The Company is experiencing significant growth as we continue to pioneer products that embrace the fundamental Active Stabilization® principles of bone fusion.  CrossRoads’ mission is to provide a steady rhythm of novel and clinically relevant products that distinguish us from other companies by improving clinical outcomes and increasing efficiency in the O.R.

In addition to its unique Active Stabilization® technology, CrossRoads offers hospitals new opportunities to save money and improve efficiency.  As customers experience the EcoSMART®  Instrument Service model of using high quality, surgical grade instruments in sterile kits, the Company believes that it will become the preferred model for surgeons, O.R. staff, and materials management.