Disc Motion Technologies
Jud Carlson, Pres & CEO

Disc Motion Technologies is an implantable spinal device company who has now completed the design, patenting, development and in 2007 will begin to commercialize the next generation of lumbar motion preservation devices, including a total spinal motion segment system (TSMS), featuring a posteriorly implanted lumbar disc a matching posterior dynamic stabilizer (PDS), and a dynamic pedicle screw. The Company’s devices are based on the concept of restoring true physiological motion of the spine, called spinal arthroplasty. Due to the clinical advantages of spinal arthroplasty, it is projected to replace spinal fusion and grow the spinal implant market from $5 billion to $15 billion. The company’s founders gained significant clinical experience and recognized major shortcomings, now well known, with first and second generation spinal arthroplasty devices that led to this advanced product development .

To overcome the shortcomings of the earlier generation of spinal arthroplasty devices, the company has developed the first total spinal motion segment preservation system, called the True TSMS. The two principal novel features of this system are: 1) its capacity to be inserted in a manner much simpler than existing artificial lumbar discs inserted through the abdomen; 2) the replacement of the facet with an adjustable PDS having the same center of rotation as the disc. The PDS will be used alone with full motion to restabilize the spinal joint after spinal decompression, and can be adjusted to micromotion for use in lumbar fusions that which doubles the sales potential for the company. The True TSMS System as the first to address all pain generators in a spinal motion segment, the disc, the facet and the nerve roots; with the TrueDisc-PL offering a patented, new, dual-radius, ball-socket design that allows the paired discs to be implanted in a non-parallel alignment which is surgically easier.