IlluminOss Medical
Scott Rader, CEO

IlluminOss Medical is a privately held medical device company pioneering minimally invasive, patient customized orthopedic systems for the stabilization and treatment of bone fractures. The IlluminOss Photodynamic Bone Stabilization System creates internal bone support systems utilizing a photodynamic (light-curable) polymer system to provide superior stabilization, cosmesis, and flexible surgical approaches compared to traditional pins, plates and screws. The Company has received the CE Mark for seven clinical applications spanning the upper extremity from the hands to the clavicle, and is extending the patented platform technology to lower extremity bones and indications in cranio-maxillofacial, spine, and sports medicine fields. Founded in 2007, IlluminOss is headquartered in East Providence, RI, and funded by Foundation Medical Partners, New Leaf Venture Partners, and Mieza Capital.