Monogram Orthopaedics
Dr. Doug Unis, M.D., Founder & CMO

Monogram Orthopaedics, headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, is developing a product solution architecture for enabling mass personalization of load bearing orthopedic implants by linking 3D printing and robotics via automated digital image analysis algorithms.  Monogram will be disrupting the orthopedic industry by facilitating a just-in-time and clinically superior solution that cost-efficiently normalizes patient outcomes.

Monogram is partnering with several major strategic OEM’s to commercialize their technology in a large and rapidly growing market with significant demographic and reimbursement tailwinds and limited competition.  These partners include KUKA robotics, EOS, Orchid Orthopedic Solutions, Pro-dex, and Intellijoint Surgical.  Monogram will be starting with the commercialization of their hip implant (the hip implant market is $7.1bn), and then be moving to knees ($8.5bn), and later to shoulders and spine.  Their total addressable market is expected to grow to approximately $35bn over the next decade.

The company has a working robot that can optically track a targeted surgical site and execute auto-generated cut paths for high precision insertion of a custom patient specific implant.  The company has conducted experiments with the UCLA Orthopedic Research Center that showed 8 times more stability of their robotically inserted hip implant when compared to manually prepared generic test specimens.  The company is actively fundraising its series A round.