N Spine Inc.
Jude Paganelli, Chief Technology Officer/VP Business Development

N Spine, Inc. is a privately held San Diego spine company that designs and develops devices for rigid and dynamic stabilization of the lumbar spine via minimally invasive surgery (MIS). The company’s main product, NFlex(tm), is a titanium pedicle screw system with a novel design that provides dynamic support (versus rigid fixation) to the spinal motion segment. NFlex is the only commercially available dynamic system to incorporate biomechanical motion that closely approximates physiologic movement in flexion, extension and lateral bending, while providing stability in axial rotation and translation of the vertebrae. All N Spine systems utilize a top-loading quick-lock pedicle screw system, to simplify implantation, and present a profile that is comparable to rigid rod systems. N Spine dynamic rod technology allows de-coupling of flexion and extension motion, permitting future designs with varying stiffness levels for different patient needs.

The company is positioned to become the market leader in this emerging field. N Spine has developed a superior platform technology that will serve a broad set of indications, successfully recruited executives with extensive spine industry experience, and created an internationally renowned Scientific Advisory Board.