Steve LeBeau, President

nanoMAG LLC, a revenue stage engineered biomaterials manufacturer, is developing and commercializing next generation, high strength, lightweight nanomagnesium biocompatible materials with applications in orthopedic medicine. The nanoMAG strategy is to partner with industry leading biomedical implant makers to design and develop metallic implants which are bioabsorbable.  An OEM partner for each product design will take the nanoMAG manufactured part and complete sterilization, packaging, and then handle worldwide sales, marketing and distribution of the finished products. nanoMAG offers a bioabsorbable magnesium alloy (BioMg™) which is strong like bone and offers a source of nutrients that stimulates bone regrowth. By using an alloy of elements that are naturally found in the body (avoiding elements such as Rare Earths and Aluminum) and a design that appropriately controls the rate of dissolution, the implant can supply the temporary structural reinforcement needed while avoiding all of the complications associated with current permanent metal alloy implants.