Nocimed, LLC
Jim Peacock, Chairman & CEO

Nocimed is a medical diagnostic software company operating in the realm of software-as-a-service (SaaS) and digital health.   We are advancing value-added medical software “apps” with vertical market focus to uniquely address significant ‘white space’ gaps between: (a) unique indication-specific diagnostic needs of referring physicians into diagnostic radiology, and (b) generally non-indication specific, multi-use capabilities of imaging technologies that are more horizontally oriented across radiology.  Our initial investigational product, Nociscan(tm), is being positioned to enable a totally non-invasive MR spectroscopy exam which measures ‘disc pain biomarkers’ to assist doctors in diagnosing painful discs causing discogenic low back pain.   Nociscan is conducted via leading commercial MR scanners, and as only a brief extension of standard lumbar MRI exams already being performed as standard of care in this prevalent patient population – and with only web-connectivity required for our cloud-based SaaS post-processing and electronic reporting of the Nocigram results.  Significant strategic partnerships with major market leaders in both spine and radiology also position Nociscan to bridge an existing gap and address urgent needs of both spine surgeons (the #1 referral source for all MRIs) and radiologists (as our “service provider” partner to our common spine surgeon end-customer).