OrthAlign, Inc.
Pieter Wolters, President & CEO

OrthAlign, Inc. is committed to providing orthopedic surgeons with user-friendly, cost-effective, surgical navigation products for precise alignment. We believe that our technology raises the standard of care in joint replacement surgery by making consistent and measurable results accessible to all surgeons, hospitals and patients. OrthAlign, Inc. was established in Southern California in 2008. The company’s first product, the KneeAlign™ system, is a palm-sized, disposable surgical navigation system for tibial alignment in total knee arthroplasty (TKA). The KneeAlign™ system is compatible with all TKA implant systems. After receiving 510(k) clearance from the US FDA in March 2010, OrthAlign started a controlled US launch of the product in June 2010. That same month, encouraging early results of a clinical study were presented at the International Society for Computer Assisted Orthopedic Surgery Annual Meeting. The company is in the process of developing additional products based on its platform palm-sized navigation technology.