Ortho Sales Partners
Josh Sandberg, President

Josh Sandberg has been consulting in the musculoskeletal industry since 2004. Throughout this time, he has had a positive impact on his clients’ businesses, transforming them into the enterprises they were meant to be. Josh has keen insight into which people will be the best fit for his clients. This wisdom comes from a deep understanding of how candidates will merge with a company’s culture and operational nuances. Josh’s experience as an executive in a start-up business has given him the ability to understand what is takes to thrive in a hands-on environment, where desire and dedication are paramount to success.

In 2010, Josh co-founded Ortho Spine Companies, which is the parent company of Ortho Spine Distributors (OSD), Surg.io and Ortho Sales Partners (OSP). OSD is a searchable database that helps ease the frustration of finding orthopedic distributors throughout the country. Surg.io is the ultimate distributor toolkit that offers the means necessary to build the foundation of a scalable and high-functioning sales organization. OSP is an end-to-end solution that helps companies approach the global market in a cost-efficient way. Our team has hundreds of years of experience and can help you navigate the many challenges inherent in bringing new technologies to market.