Agnieszka Janeczek, PhD, Founder/COO & James Otter, Founder & EC

Renovos is pioneering the use of synthetic nanoclay gels to deliver, retain and safely release biologics for orthopaedic applications. Renovos’ proprietary formulations, Renovite™, are easy to handle, form a biodegradable gel after injection, and can deliver 100X lower doses than traditional formulations of biologics with the same efficacy, as the Renovite™ platform retains active agents and releases them only to target cells interacting with the nanoclay. Renovos’ mission is to unlock the full potential of regenerative medicine with our innovative Renovite™ technology platform, and help clinicians deliver safe and more efficacious treatments for tissue repair, with a first target market of $1bn. Renovos has a granted patent and a strong scientific and commercial team. The company is now raising $6m to complete pre-clinical development and enable clinical trials to start in 2022.