S2 Interactive
Larry Foster, President & CEO

S2 Interactive™, Inc. offers innovative technology platforms that improve surgical efficiency in complex orthopedic procedures such as total joint replacement, spinal fusion and trauma fixation. For hospitals/surgery centers, Virtual Backtable™ significantly enhances OR team proficiency in organizing and utilizing instrumentation, independent of the team’s experience level with the implant system or surgeon, resulting in improved surgical efficiency & higher surgeon satisfaction.  For medical device manufacturers, RepAssist™ reduces training costs, dramatically compresses the time it takes for new reps to provide value in the OR, and enhances rep efficiency with existing accounts.

Designed for optimum versatility, these unique platforms can be used with any implant system from any manufacturer, capable of being delivered into the sterile field via an IPad or other tablet devices, are fully customizable to follow a surgeon’s specific technique, and utilize web-based technology with 24/7 access for rapid updating as surgeon or facility needs change.

S2 Interactive, Inc. is a privately held venture-backed company based in Memphis, Tennessee. For more information, contact Larry Foster, President & CEO, at 901-288-5002 or lfoster@s2interactive.com.