Small Bone Innovations, Inc.
Anthony G. Viscogliosi, Founder, Chairman & CEO

Small Bone Innovations, Inc. (SBi) is the leading provider of surgeon designed and clinically proven total technology solutions around a joint for small bone & joint (SB&J) surgeons. SBi is an indication specific company that is data driven, surgeon centric and patient focused.

With an extensive product portfolio addressing the musculoskeletal small bone anatomy, SBi is committed to becoming the worldwide leader in the design, development, marketing and sale of innovative arthroplasty/reconstruction implant systems and related medical devices, solving the significant unmet clinical needs of patients and their surgeons. Our efforts concentrate on improving the quality of life of patients by using SBi’s Precise Guidance TechnologyTM (PGT™) allowing for consistent, repeatable, simple, minimally invasive techniques, resecting the least amount of bone tissue and leaving the greatest opportunity for future options open. SBi offers the most comprehensive portfolio of products and technologies designed to provide pain alleviating, tissue sparing, function performing, motion preserving, form conserving solutions for the SB&J anatomies of the human body.