Sonoma Orthopedic Products
Rick Epstein, President & CEO

Sonoma Orthopedic Products (Sonoma) has established a reputation of developing minimally-invasive, mechanized rods for bone fracture repair. The company manufactures these proprietary rods for the ankle, collarbone and wrist. Compared to alternatives, the Sonoma devices provide patients and surgeons the benefits of surgical fixation with the safety more commonly associated with non-surgical procedures.

Data presented at various society conferences and in peer-reviewed journal articles demonstrates Sonoma patients have a much lower risk of complications than patients who were treated with surgical plates (the traditional treatment). The minimally-invasive nature of the rods leads to less patient discomfort than plating; resulting in 30-times fewer secondary surgeries for implant removal due to complications. Furthermore, the surgical techniques are faster and require smaller incisions, resulting in less muscle damage, fewer infections and rapid recovery.