Spartek Medical
Henry Klyce, President & CEO

Spartek Medical, Inc., is a privately held medical device company based in Concord, California. The Company is engaged in the development and marketing of novel treatments for degenerative spinal disorders worldwide, specifically for the emerging segment of motion preservation.

Spartek Medical, Inc., is pleased to introduce the STAFLEX Dynamic Stabilization System, (“Stay-Flex”). StaFlex is the first dynamic stabilization system to incorporate dynamic screw-based motion with rod-based motion, to deliver stability and flexibility through a familiar surgical technique.

The spinal implant market still consists mostly of devices used to achieve a fusion, the current standard of care to address most back pain problems. There remains however a need for anatomy-specific motion-sparing implants. Because spinal fusion works by eliminating motion between the vertebral segments, the result is a loss of flexibility and additional stress and strain placed on the rest of the spine to compensate for the reduced flexibility at the fusion site. Recovery from the procedure may be slow and the long-term impact can lead to return of symptoms and repeat surgeries. For these reasons, there is currently an unmet need for devices that relieve symptoms and maintain spinal motion.