Stéphane Bette, Co-Founder, CTO & US G.M.

Co-founded in 2009 in France and the USA by Pierre Jérôme and Stéphane Bette, SpineGuard’s mission is to make spine surgery safer. Its primary objective is to establish its proprietary DSG™ (Dynamic Surgical Guidance) Technology as the global standard of surgical care, initially for safer screw placement in spine surgery and then in other surgeries. The PediGuard® probe, the first device designed using DSG was co-invented by Maurice Bourlion, Ph.D., Ciaran Bolger, M.D., Ph.D., and Alain Vanquaethem, Biomedical Engineer. It is the world’s first and only handheld device capable of alerting surgeons to potential pedicular or vertebral breaches. Over 40,000 surgical procedures have been performed worldwide with the PediGuard probe. Numerous studies published in peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals have demonstrated the multiple benefits that the PediGuard device delivers to patients, surgical staff and hospitals. In 2015 SpineGuard started to expand the applications of DSG into pedicle screws through partnerships with innovative surgical companies in France and the US. SpineGuard has offices in San Francisco and