SweetBio, Inc.
Dr. Isaac Rodriguez, Co-Founder, CEO & CSO

By the year 2027, 200 million Americans will suffer from partial tooth loss. Without proper treatment, bacteria growth may cause oral infections, which can serve as a gateway to diabetes, heart and lung disease, and even death. Oral surgeons try to reduce these risks by installing a membrane as a barrier to allow the bone and the gums to heal before placing an implant. Current products are difficult to handle and often fail, reversing the healing process, encouraging infection and causing additional surgeries. SweetBio has created a patent-pending dissolvable membrane that uses our “sweet” ingredient — honey — to encourage healing and produce better outcomes. While currently used in hospitals to treat ulcers and burns, SweetBio is the first company to leverage this naturally antibacterial and wound-healing ingredient in oral procedures.  Although our product is still in development, our research to date indicates the SweetBio membrane will provide the predictability and superior results that oral surgeons and dentists seek and will improve outcomes for the patient.