TrackX Technology
Dr. Robert Isaacs, CEO & Founder

TrackX is a simple to use software based medical device concentrating on the spine and orthopedic markets that allows physicians to track their tools at all times during x-ray guided surgeries without the high radiation exposure.  We’ve designed TrackX to be empowered by disposables added onto existing infrastructure in the operating room so that surgeons aren’t force to use new tools or alter their normal workflow and their hospitals aren’t required to purchase new expensive capital equipment.  Our product is FDA cleared, patent protected, has generated millions in revenue since our launch in March 2020, has been awarded ”Best New Technology in Spine” by Becker’s Orthopedics and has been the subject of multiple randomized trials which show significant OR time savings and massive radiation reduction in every procedure performed.  TrackX is run by an experienced team that has invented, built, commercialized and successfully exited several other products in the broader computer-assisted surgery space.