VGI Medical
Kenneth Nilsson, Ph.D, Director of Engineering

VGI Medical (VGI), founded in 2007 based on an invention developed by Tov Vestgaarden, PhD, is an innovative medical device company focused on using its industry knowledge and creative thinking to develop and commercialize a broad range of advanced, high-performance and innovative spinal implants. VGI developed its first product, the VerteLoc® Minimally Invasive Spine Stabilization System, to overcome the limitations of currently available implants. The VerteLoc® system is specifically designed to stabilize and fuse the facet joint by utilizing a unique patent-pending dual geometric design to limit motion of the affected spinal segment. Applying the principles of this success, VGI Medical added SiJoin® to its product line in 2013 for Sacroiliac fusion. Staying true to the mantra of innovation, VGI Medical released the truly unique VerteLP® in early 2016. VerteLP goes beyond merely adding a Lateral Interbody Fusion system as a product offering by improving upon both the technology and the process.