Viscogliosi Brothers
Anthony G. Viscogliosi, Co-Founder

Mr. Viscogliosi has healthcare experience as an entrepreneur, executive, and financier and is the co-founder of Viscogliosi Brothers LLC, a merchant bank and venture capital firm focused on the musculoskeletal industry.

With an innate ability to predict market trends and develop innovative solutions for unmet clinical needs, Mr. Viscogliosi has founded more than 20 companies and is responsible for transforming 5 practices including medical device reprocessing, spine arthroplasty, nucleus arthroplasty, knee-pain treatment, and total ankle arthroplasty.

From an investor perspective, Mr. Viscogliosi was the first orthopedic industry analyst on Wall Street and executed more than 170 orthopedic deals with partners such as Johnson & Johnson, Stryker Corporation, Zimmer Holdings, and Abbott, among others. Past exits have generated in excess of $2.1 billion in returns including the July 2014 sale of Small Bone Innovations, Inc (SBI) to Stryker Corp for $375mm. Mr. Viscogliosi helped grow SBI from infancy to exit as the CEO.

Mr. Viscogliosi received a BS in Economics from the University of Michigan and an Honorary Ph.D from New York College of Podiatric Medicine. Mr. Viscogliosi is a retired Lieutenant Commander of the United States Navy Reserve.