Vitruvian Orthopaedics
A. Curtis Stone, President & CEO

Vitruvian Orthopedics is developing proprietary products for the surgical market by uniquely applying three dimensional sensing technologies for surgical implant orientation during orthopaedic procedures. The company’s first product, “Degree” is a disposable device for total hips and knees that enables accurate placement of implant components in relationship to the patient’s anatomy and works with all orthopaedic implant types, regardless of manufacturer. The “Degree” is placed on the insertion instrumentation for these procedures, displaying position of the benchmark anatomy and component orientation. For each specific component and procedure there are guides that allow for the identification of the benchmark anatomy, such as identifying the initial anatomic plane. Vitruvian Orthopaedics’ goal is to offer a device that, like the existing Computer Aided Orthopedic and Image Guided Systems (IGS), improves surgical outcomes and long term survivability of total joint arthroplasty, but at a lower cost and with significant operative time saving.