Woven Orthopedic Technologies
Brandon Bendes
John Viscogliosi

Woven Orthopedic Technologies develops solutions to help surgeons tailor treatments to unique patient profiles. Woven’s first product, the Ogmend® Implant Enhancement System was designed to help surgeons overcome the challenges associated with obtaining adequate screw stability in compromised fixation scenarios. Used in combination with existing plate and screw systems, Ogmend provides a simple, effective solution that helps make great fixation systems even better by enhancing their stability at the screw-to-bone interface in worst-case scenarios. Ogmend takes under 2 minutes to implant and provides increased fixation immediately and over time. With 0 reported revisions, 0 complications, and 0 device-related adverse events to date, the Ogmend Implant Enhancement System has helped surgeons enhance the standard of care for high-risk patients across the globe. Ogmend is currently available in Europe for use in Spine surgery and recently received its FDA clearance for use in the US in trauma procedures.