Flexuspine, Inc.
Vin Jannetty, CEO

Flexuspine is pioneering the field of total spine arthroplasty. Current motion preserving devices considerably limit their prospective patient base treating only isolated anterior or posterior disorders, while the majority of back pain sufferers have a combination of disorders (DDD, facet disorders, herniated nucleus pulposis, radiculopothy and stenosis). Flexuspine’s goal was to develop a motion preserving replacement for the complete spinal segment not just one part of the problem. Flexuspine’s FSU (Functional Spinal Unit) is a total spinal segment replacement designed as an alternative to fusion. It is a comprehensive system consisting of an interbody disc (Core), and pedicle screw based posterior dampeners (PD), specifically designed to work together to replace the natural kinematics of the three joint complex. Negating the inherit issues of an anterior approach, the FSU is implanted via a posterior approach. Flexuspine is a privately held venture backed spine company founded in 2004 and based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.