Ken Andrews, CEO

Histogenics develops and manufactures products that improve the body’s ability to regenerate healthy cartilage, improve joint function and prevent degenerative disease. Its first product, NeoCart(r), is an autologous engineered neocartilage implant for repairing articular cartilage injuries in the knee. NeoCart has the biological, structural and functional characteristics of native articular cartilage. Histogenics grows this autologous neocartilage using a patented, high-pressure tissue engineering processor that mimics the body’s natural conditions. Histogenics has successfully completed Phase I clinical trials showing improved function, pain and cartilage regeneration, and is currently enrolling in a Phase II trial. The VeriCart(tm) implant is an off-the-shelf auto-regenerative cartilage matrix that, once implanted in the body, stimulates the formation of cartilage within its biodegradable porous structure. It provides a simple, direct treatment for cartilage defects. Trials for the VeriCart matrix are planned to begin in early 2008.

Histogenics is privately held and based in Waltham, Massachusetts.
Major investors include Boston Millennia Partners and Foundation Medical Partners.