IlluminOss Medical
Robert A. Rabiner, President & CEO

Rober A. Rabiner, Chief Technical Officer 
Mike Mogul, Board Member
IlluminOss Medical, Inc. is a privately held, commercial-stage medical device company offering a unique, minimally invasive technology for the repair and stabilization of fractures in poor quality weakened bone; particularly applicable for osteoporotic and pathologically compromised bone. The IlluminOss system utilizes a light-curable liquid monomer which is infused and contained within a conformal balloon sized to the patient’s anatomy and then illuminated with visible blue light converting the liquid to a strong hardened polymer, creating a patient-conforming intramedullary implant. The cured implant conforms to the shape of the patient’s intramedullary canal, providing rapid strength and stability to the compromised bone. Designed as a stand-alone implant, however should supplemental fixation devices be needed, they can be placed anywhere along the implant. The speed, simplicity and minimally invasive procedure has permitted the majority of patients treated with IlluminOss to return to their daily living activities far sooner and with less use of post-operative pain medications. Used in over 4000 patients in Europe, IlluminOss has been recently launched in the United States for general trauma use. The IlluminOss system is both FDA-cleared and CE marked for a wide variety of anatomical sites, with further indications pending. IlluminOss is headquartered in East Providence, RI.