HydroCision Inc.
Doug Daniels, President

HydroCision is a privately held medical device company focused on being the leader in the design, development and distribution of fluidjets for surgical applications. The company, founded in 1994, is located in Billerica, MA and has 25 full time employees. HydroCision has been able to adapt fluidjet technology to medical applications by controlling a hair-thin supersonic stream of water in a precise manner while providing an effective collection system to remove ablated material from a surgical site. The Company has licensed it’s technology in two medical fields, arthroscopy and wound care and is currently focused on improving medico-economic outcomes in the spine market through its own distribution network. HydroCision is currently seeking financing to expedite its’ sales and marketing efforts.

HydroCision has developed two product platforms for the spine market. The SpineJet XL platform will be used for fusion and total disc replacement procedures. It was launched to a limited audience in Oct. 2004 and went to a full launch in the US in June 2005. Several configurations including specialized MIS devices will follow later in 2005 to cover a full range of fusion procedures. The SpineJet MicroResector platform went through extensive testing in 1Q 2005 and is available for general distribution in the US for removing nucleus for “Hydrodiscectomy” procedures. HydroCision has completed its first human use for nucleus replacement in Europe in March 2005.