Memphis Musculoskeletal Research Institute
Dick Tarr, Director

Ascension Orthopedics, located in Austin, Texas, is dedicated to the design, development and marketing of surgical implants for joint reconstruction and trauma of the upper extremity. The company’s first product, a PyroCarbon total joint replacement for the MCP joint of the hand, was developed in collaboration with Dr. Beckenbaugh of the Mayo Clinic and received FDA PMA approval in 2001. Additional PyroCarbon joint replacements for the PIP joint and CMC joints of the hand and a modular radial head replacement have received FDA approval. Joint replacement products for the wrist, elbow and shoulder are currently under development. Ascension’s product line has further been expanded to include fracture fixation and biologic implants. Our goal is to provide extremity surgeons and their patients a comprehensive line of innovative products for use in joint reconstructive and trauma.